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Unilever Network Business Center
The U-Net business center, is a privileged model of Multi-Channel Business Solutions with Unilever Network.
With an U-Net business center, you receive benefits as a franchise shop. For your advantage, there are:
  • No entry fees
  • No franchise fees
  • No royalty fees
  • No annual fees
  • No marketing fees
As an U-Net business center owner you can continue to build and enjoy benefits within your organization.
Three forms of income with an U-Net business center:
  • Retail Profit
  • Shop Management
  • Network Overriding Bonuses ( refer to our i12 Compensation Plan )
Size and Start up
Unilever Network will recommend a standardized design for all centers across the country. Unilever Network will assist and aid in providing a complete coverage from the ideal shop layout with purchasing corner, customer self-service testing area and meeting and discussing corners.
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