Collagen Matrix Beauty Supplement (75029045) / (CV32 / QV14) Net Weight 0.142Kg
Collagen Matrix Beauty Supplement

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5.0 average, based on 2 reviews

Product Information

Dietary supplement from Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen from France and Hydrolyzed Collagen Dipeptide from Japan. Assists with supplying protein from collagen to the skin, bones, and joints.


  • Collagen Matrix: Each 6 g contains
  • Fish Hydrolyzed Collagen 5400 mg
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Dipeptide 600 mg
  • No added preservatives, flavor, or color

How to Use
Daily, dissolve 1 sachet (6 g) in a glass of 100-120 ml beverage or mix with your chosen food. Consume instantly.

(15 sachets)

Product Code75029045
Manufacturerอาวียองซ์ (aviance)

Customer Reviews
Average Rating: 5
Facial skin has changed for the better.
I'm 46, the owner of a flower wholesale business in Pak Klong Talad. Started to eat the Collagen Matrix in a full 3-4 sachets a day for 2 weeks. The result was a lot of changes in the skin, the face became clearer, the skin was moisturized and the wrinkles disappeared. Right now, it's a product lover. Thailand
Noticeably improved skin.
Because my concept is smooth, firm, bouncy skin, it has significantly improved my skin. I have a career as a beautician. Who have to stand to work for a long time. Choose to eat Collagen Matrix because it helps to add lubricating fluid to the knee joints. Reduce knee pain. In addition to having dry skin and hair problems due to frequent dyeing of hair. Collagen Matrix meets both health and beauty needs, including skin, hair, hair, nails, bones and teeth. I am impressed to eat it continuously because it is safe, it is the collagen that I am very confident. Thailand
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