Beyonde Indian Gooseberry Extract Powder Drink (190136) / (CV42 / QV18) Net Weight 0.084Kg
Beyonde Indian Gooseberry Extract Powder Drink

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Product Information

Indian Gooseberry is very important medicinal plant in Ayurveda and has been used for more than 3,000 years in India. According to belief in Indian Mythology, it is the first tree to be created in the universe. It is believed to balance the holistic health

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight

Indian Gooseberry Extract 500 mg (27.89%)

How to Use
Dissolve 1 sachet in hot water 50 ml and drink after meal (Morning and Evening)

Product Code190136
Manufacturerบียอนด์ (Beyonde)

Customer Reviews
Average Rating: 5
It's really great
I really like it. Concentrated Amla Extract Powder, Indian Gooseberry, controls sugar content. And my body fat doesn't give more. I am a lover of sweets, fried foods, oily stuff. When I got to know Indian Gooseberry, I didn't have to worry about weight. (26 Mar 2021, 16:20)
Cheers to good health results!
I never cared for my health and eat carelessly. My health results made me find this solution. After trying for 3 months, my waist has slimmed down 2 inches. My blood test results made me scream in joy. My cholesterol dropped from 240 to 202, Triglycerides from 187 reduced to 111 and my blood sugar from 177 went down to 132 . My diet is still the same foods, and I drink this twice daily after meals. Cheers to this good results! (17 Dec 2020, 18:45)
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